Book style cardboard packaging box Manufacturing

For the novelty of the product, the packaging manufacturer really takes great pains. Under the prerequisite of quality assurance, a unique shape is also required. This is why the book-shaped packaging gift box came out. So how does the production process of the book kind packaging box customized need to be operated.

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The production process of the Book style cardboard packaging box :

1. First, you need to determine the graphic design draft of the packaging box, then confirm the sample, and finally place an order for production. Then dispatch the production materials (face paper, waizi, inner stickers, bottom paper, cardboard or density board, inner support materials, etc.); printing wrapping paper and inner stickers (printing handbags for matching handbags); subsequent process production ( Some processes such as laminating, embossing, UV, bronzing, embossing, embossing, and die-cutting are selected according to needs);

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2. Box opening: the face paper, inner sticker, gray cardboard material panels, hoardings, and inner support are cut to a specific size with a paper cutter (the density board needs to be cut with a professional large saw) ;

3. Panel processing: V-slot machine to open V-slot, stick iron sheet;

4. Enclosure processing: drilling magnet holes with a punching machine;

5. Inner support processing: if the inner support is gray board, you need to die-cut the gray board and then glue the cut silk cloth, and the inner support is foam, you need to tie the cut silk cloth on the formed foam. Veneer paper (that is, the surface of the panel wrapping paper should be flattened, and the sides should be wrapped firmly), internal stickers, and mounting brackets (at the same time you need to put a magnet).

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6. Box assembly (you can choose the gluing method according to the material needs: brush the original glue on the wall and glue the glue gun for assembly. When assembling, keep the box clean to avoid leakage of glue affecting the appearance.). Attach backing paper as needed. (Be careful to keep the box clean). Place the inner support (the direction of the asymmetric inner support should be distinguished). Wipe the box and pack it (the box making process takes a while, it is inevitable that there will be floating soil and stains, so we need to wipe the box to finish).


Post time: Oct-30-2021