Children book types

The First type: Board book

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As the name suggests, the board book can be simply understood as a book with thickness and hardness like a wooden board. Features of this type of book:

1. The quality is very good, the child is not easy to tear and break, and it can be watched repeatedly.

2. The content is simple, easy for children to understand and absorb. Type

Second type :P uzzle Book

The puzzle book is a puzzle made on the basis of the board book, which is to entertain and learn by playing.

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The third type: Touch and Feel book

The touch book is the implantation of various accessories (wool, feather, cloth, spices, etc.) in the book. The biggest feature of this type of book is that it can mobilize the baby’s various senses to learn, play with hands, eyes, and nose.

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Fourth: Sound Book

This kind of book is easy to understand. Simply put, it is a book that makes various sounds, imitating the sounds of various animals, the sounds of various vehicles, the sounds of various vehicles, the sounds of various musical instruments, and the sounds of various vehicles. The sound of planting water (pouring water, running water, etc.) and all other sounds can be made into accessories and installed in the book.

The fifth type: Active book

The mechanism book is equipped with a variety of small mechanisms in the book, which can be pushed, pulled, rotated, etc. It is also a way of playing for children to learn the contents of the book.

The sixth type: pop-up book (POP-Up Book)

This kind of book is made from a flat book into a three-dimensional, and the visual impact is very strong and exquisite.

Seventh: Picture Book

The characteristic of this kind of book is that the pictures are very beautiful, usually the paintings of internationally renowned illustrators, the story content is interesting and nutritious children’s books.

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Eighth: EVA book

The characteristics of this book are light. Although the thickness can be the same as Banzishu, it is much lighter than Banzishu, and the colors are much better.

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Ninth: Sticker book (Sticker book)

This is a book for playing games with stickers, and it is also for children to learn while playing.

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The tenth type: painting book (painting book)

Picture book: A book for children to fill in colors to cultivate children’s perception and love of colors.

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Eleventh: Flap Book

Untie the small card in the book, there is a mystery hidden inside. To sum up, the characteristics of these books are that the content is simple and easy to understand and absorb, the colors are bright and bright, and they are fun and interesting. They can mobilize the children’s mouth, eyes, hands, nose and other senses to learn, play and play in learning. The purpose is to make children fall in love with books and learning

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