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If you need to print a batch of books and periodicals and training materials, choose a book printing factory. Is there a printing factory with high-quality services and affordable prices to recommend? The answer is: yes!

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Today, the reporter from the tabloid printing came to the SMARTFORTUNE printing factory with 15 years of experience in book printing services, to introduce the advantages of this book printing factory.

According to the introduction by the professionals of the SMARTFORTUNE printing plant to the reporters of the printing tabloids, the original book printing can be divided into: textbook guidance books, picture albums, yearbooks, children’s books, art appreciation, social life, picture book creativity and other printing categories.

Before SMARTFORTUNE introduced the editor to the editor, we just thought that the process of book printing should be the same! After listening to the introduction, I discovered that the printing process and printing materials used in the original book printing in different categories are different. Of course, because of the differences in materials and processes, the corresponding prices also have corresponding changes.

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Therefore, to choose a printing factory with a good service price, you can’t really just look at the price, but also whether the price matches the service, and whether the price/performance ratio can be optimal based on the choice of category. This is the conclusion drawn by the editor after listening to SMARTFORTUNE’s introduction.

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SMARTFORTUNE focuses on book printing services, overcoming the disadvantages of general printing houses that do not provide binding services, and provides a complete package design, printing, post-processing and other one-stop business. Do a good job in strict control of technology and quality, and strictly abide by the delivery date. If necessary, please GOOGLE search “smartFortune Packaging Co.,Ltd” to find us for your custom books printing.



Post time: May-28-2021