Foldable gift packaging boxes

Gift packaging box production :
1. Material: Special paper mounted with 1000 g gray board paper
2. Process: bronzing.

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Gift packaging paper box manufacture :
MOQ: 1000 pieces (based on material, craftsmanship, quantity quotation, large quantity and good price)
Product specifications: Customized on demand, free design
Facial paper (mounting): double copper paper, special paper, kraft paper, black cardboard
Inner materials: 1. Gray board (800g, 90g, 1000g, 1100g, 1200g); 2. Medium fiber board (2.5-9mm); 3. Rubber embryo
Printing technology: CMYK four-color printing, special color printing
Processing technology: laminating (light glue, dumb glue), printing UV oil, bronzing, embossing, etc.
Other accessories: EVA inner support, blister inner support, paper inner support, flannel, satin cloth, etc.
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Foldable gift packaging boxes, special paper mounted with 1000g gray board, brand hot stamping, inner box uses 157g copperplate paper mounted with gray board, monochrome printing. The color matching of the main body of the gift box is the classic black and yellow collocation, which is simple and atmospheric. The foldable gift packaging box is convenient and does not take up space. It can be used as one of the preferred cardboard packaging boxes for foreign trade exports.
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Instructions for customizing folding gift boxes from manufacturer:

1. The minimum order quantity for customized folding gift packaging box is 1,000. The larger the order quantity, the more favorable the unit price of the product;
2. Please provide which material to choose, the weight of the paper, the production process, the product size and the order quantity requirements, so that we can make an accurate quotation;
3. Please provide the trademark design source files or manuscripts in CDR, AI, PDF, EPS format, or SMARTFORTUNE packaging to provide free design services and professional guidance;
4. Please provide trademark certificate and power of attorney;
5. Special requirements must be stated in advance (such as packaging and transportation methods, etc.)

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