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Any product has three levels: high, medium and low. In products, almost all of the different grades have different packaging methods, and the quality of high-end packaging box will always be constantly surpassed.

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High-end gift box packaging has a very important position in high-end packaging. It is well known that the cost of packaging box packaging is much higher than that of other packaging materials. Of course, the embodiment of high-end gift box packaging is not only the difference in its materials. Not to mention the high-end gift box, it is a kind of ordinary packaging box packaging and its craftsmanship has already required craftsmanship and technology is also very important.

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In the process of cutting high-end gift cardboard boxes, from cutting to paneling, to assembling and polishing, the important thing is the technology of paneling. The humble artificial technology is in this link. If it is not done well, then after the finished product comes out , It will directly locate the unqualified product, because the foundation of the puzzle is not done well, there will be gaps and cracks will gradually occur.

After polishing, it is the painting process. According to the requirements of the paint, the effect of the paint surface, such as matte, gloss, high gloss and baking varnish, depends on the ability of the master, the color of the paint and the mastery of the top coat. No matter what the luminosity of the paint, the dryness and uniformity of each layer of paint must be grasped in the process, otherwise there will be water ripples and particles on the surface, whether it is packaging the box or other tasks. It is emphasized that details determine high-end quality.

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After the packaging paper box is partially completed, the next step is the interior process of the box. Some high-end gift boxes require the interior to be coated with EVA plush, and other grades have other materials, etc., regardless of the material used. When assembling into the box by hand, the size and hand pasting and other details must be just right. The fineness of just right is the biggest requirement for details. The appearance of a box packaging is very good, and Open it to see if the interior is not fine enough, then this package will directly lower the grade.

Regarding the high-end packaging of the box, it does not actually reflect how high the material cost of the box packaging is, but more attention is paid to whether the details of the high-end gift box packaging are required to be accurate. The so-called details determine success or failure, and box packaging and high-end packaging The two more words “high-end” in the gift boxes packaging are fine

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