How much potential does the children books market have?

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Sina Education released the “2017 White Paper on Chinese Family Education Consumption” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”) a few days ago. The “White Paper” shows that the proportion of household education consumption continues to rise. More than 50% of parents believe that their children’s education is more important than other family expenses. In order for their children to have a good future, parents began to invest a lot of time, energy and money in early education during childhood. As one of the most direct methods of children’s education, children reading books have become a hot market with great development potential.

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Paper reading cultivates concentration and thinking


   In recent years, a lot of “paper reading demise” has been circulating on the Internet, and it is believed that under the impact of electronic reading, paper reading will completely withdraw from the field of human reading. But is this really the case? Since the development of e-reading, although paper-based reading has caused a lot of trouble to some extent, paper-based reading will not die out, because paper-based reading has many advantages that cannot be replaced by electronic reading.

  Paper reading refers to a reading method that uses paper as a carrier, which is different from electronic reading. It has unique value and gives people an unparalleled experience. It is reported that human emotional experience can reach its peak in the process of paper reading. Compared with digital reading, traditional paper reading focuses more on the meaning of “reading” itself, allowing readers to read calmly, so as to gain a deep understanding of knowledge, truly experience the beauty of literature, and experience the unique charm of language art.

Reading is not a simple act of reading. It has attention, thinking, and various elements. Although under the impact of electronic technology, human reading carriers will undergo great changes, but it is very necessary to cultivate children’s paper book reading habits during childhood. Zhu Yongxin, an education expert and national reading image spokesperson, once said in an interview that to truly solve the problem of “low-headed people”, we must start from an early age and cultivate children’s good reading habits, especially paper book reading, which helps to cultivate Children’s concentration and thinking ability.

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The domestic children educational books market demand continues to rise


According to the “2017 China Book Retail Market Report”, the total size of China’s book retail market in 2017 was 80.32 billion yuan, of which children’s books accounted for 24.64% of the entire book retail market, contributing more than one-third of sales amount. In the four years from 2014 to 2017, the average growth rate of total sales of children’s books reached more than 50%, which was exclaimed by the industry as “super high-speed world-class speed”. There are more than 500 domestic publishing houses and more than 470 children’s books. The number of children’s books of 476,000 kinds exceeds that of the United States, ranking first in the world. my country has a huge children’s book market of 367 million minors, with a total annual print volume of more than 800 million, more than 300,000 varieties on sale, and a total sales of more than 14 billion yuan.

   According to the 2017 book inventory report released by the Jingdong Books and Entertainment Department, according to the year-on-year growth of sales code, cultural and educational books ranked first, children’s books ranked second, and literature books ranked third. In terms of the number of users, the number of children’s books in 2015 ranked fourth; in 2016, it ranked second, only lagging behind culture and education, and slightly higher than literary books; although the number of children’s books continued to rank second in 2017, it was in line with the ranking The third is that the gap in the number of users of literature books has gradually widened.

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According to the 2017 Kids book market data report released by the book e-commerce company Dangdang, on the basis of 5 consecutive years of Ma Yang’s growth rate exceeding 35%, Dangdang Children’s Books achieved a rapid growth of 60% in 2017, with a total sales volume of 410 million. Among them, the three pillar categories of children’s literature, picture baby books, and popular science encyclopedia maintained steady growth.

  The huge market potential has allowed more than 90% of publishing houses across the country to set foot in the field of children’s book publishing. The good development momentum of the domestic children’s book market has injected new vitality into the majority of printing companies, allowing them to find potential business growth points. In fact, the opportunities for printing companies are not limited to domestic ones. Under the correct guidance of the country’s “going out” policy, printing companies also have a vast international market.

   “Going Out” Let Chinese Kid Books Go Global

   China’s child books have gone through three stages: “no one cares”, “gradually understood and recognized” and “substantial growth”. With the international recognition of Chinese children’s books, the categories of children’s books going out are wider and wider, and their influence in the world is also increasing. In recent years, as the country’s soft power has increased, domestic publishers have broadened their horizons through book introduction and participation in international book fairs. At the same time, under the guidance of the “Belt and Road” initiative, many books have been exported to neighboring countries of the “Belt and Road”, and the number of going out is constantly increasing.

   Entering the 21st century, the Chinese children’s book market has grown at an average annual rate of 10%, accounting for more than 40% of the book share, which is called the “golden decade” of the development of Chinese children’s books. The publishing industry agrees that the publishing of children’s books in China is ushering in the second “golden decade”, and we are moving from a big country of children’s book publishing to a country of children’s book publishing. As the publishing of children’s books goes global, a large number of printing companies with the level of Chinese children’s book printing will gradually enter the overseas market and set foot on the world stage full of hope and challenge.

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