How much to custom cosmetic cardboard box ?

How much to custom cosmetic cardboard box ?

Such questions are often asked by customers. Even if I have been doing sales for a long time, I feel helpless after hearing this question. Here cosmetic packaging box manufacturers can share with you why this question cannot be answered.

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First of all, the customized packaging boxes is actually customized personalized packaging boxes. Each customized cardboard box is unique, whether it is the paper material brand, packaging box style, customized size, required craftsmanship, design, etc. are unique. So the client is asking us what kind of box I want to make and how much is it. You give me a quote. There is really no way to answer it.

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Secondly, the customized price of a packaging box is affected by many factors, such as the size of the box you need to make, the selected material, lining, style, craftsmanship, and quantity. Only know after these are clear ,then the specific price could be quoted.

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Finally, for the customized paper gift boxes, many customers have been asking the manufacturers how much you make for this. In fact, most of the paper packaging boxes are customized, and the price is determined according to the customer’s budget. It is often said that the custom paper cardboard box is determined by the customer, not the manufacturer. Decided, this is not a lie. The customized price of the packaging cardboard box is often set according to the customer’s budget, products, corporate culture, and material selection, and then design, select technology, and to make samples.

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As a more than 25 years experienced manufacturer in the packaging industry,  we have clients from all over the world, they choose to work with our factory for such long time, it is that we could supply them the best service, looking forward to working with you also if you are finding a good packaging boxes supplier.


Post time: Sep-04-2021