How should paper bag manufacturer control cost ?

It’s been a long time since the packaging factory introduced some news and news about custom-made paper gift bags, but when I wanted to share with you today, it was bad news for everyone, especially for the  paper bag factory. It is even more heavy, that is, the coated paper that is widely used to make paper bags. it has increased the price, and it has increased by three times. Then, under the background of the increase in the price of coated paper, what should we do with the custom paper bag? Such optimization, more cost-saving?

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First of all, we must first understand that the main cost of the price increase is paper. Although the price increase is the most violent, the increase is the most violent. It does not mean that other types of paper have not increased in price. It is just that the increase is not as prominent as that of coated paper. We should understand one thing, whether the hand rope is still using paper. Although the hand rope looks like some paper, it is very tight to twist, so it has toughness and strength. Any kind of paper can do this. One point, it shouldn’t have much impact

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If you think so, you would be very wrong. Although the paper hand-carrying rope itself looks relatively crude and does not have such a textured appearance as cotton and strand ropes, they are essentially processed paper. The waste paper picked up by the workers of the paper bag factory on the roadside, and then twisted into a strip can be used on the hand bag. These treated hand ropes also have glue inside, and there are various kinds of them for fixing and preventing them from falling apart. The industrial additives are in it, and ordinary waste paper or low-quality paper may not be able to withstand such processing.

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Therefore, after the paper bag factory learned about the price increase of coated paper, it was the first time to pay attention to the current popularity of paper bags that use the most coated paper. Is there any way to reduce the cost and maintain the same level as before the price increase. I hope This price increase will not have much impact on clients who want to customize paper bags


Post time: Aug-27-2021