How to calculate the price of the packaging box ?

How to count out the price of the packing boxes?

“How much does a custom packaging box cost?” “How much does it cost to print a picture album?” This may be a problem we often encounter in printing. Faced with such a direct inquiry from a customer, without providing complete information, it is indeed impossible to answer. Taking a customized packaging box as an example, in order to quickly estimate the price of a customized product, the customer must provide the following information.

custom cardboard box with insert

1. Customized packaging box type

There are various types of packaging, such as fruit packaging, food packaging, fine packaging, gift packaging, color tile packaging, and so on. Among them, the price gap between different types is very large, the “package price” is too wide, and the price of color tile packaging and fine packaging is almost not on the same level.

customize cardboard gift box

2. Customized box size

Inform the box type and size, the printing factory can calculate the packaging paper area, paper imposition, determine which specifications of paper to use and which printing machinery to use.

3. Customized quantity of packing box

Manufacturers need to know the customer’s customized quantity when quoting. Manufacturers also have range prices when purchasing raw materials. Manufacturers must first calculate their own costs before they can give a quotation. Also, the printing plant will have a minimum print volume (500 prints), which involves the start-up cost, and a small amount is very uneconomical for the customer.

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4. Customized packaging box material

The material used in the packaging is crucial to the price, such as corrugated paper, white cardboard, white paper, kraft paper, grey board paper, special paper and so on.

①Precise packaging materials: grey board paper, special paper, corrugated paper, white cardboard, special paper.

②Color box material: corrugated paper, white cardboard.

③ Gift box packaging material: white cardboard, kraft paper, corrugated paper, special paper, grey board paper.

Of course, customization can be made with different types of paper according to product and design requirements.

customized cardboard gift box factory

5. Process requirements for customized packaging boxes

What kind of process is used on the packaging to make what effect, and the production process is increased once for each additional process. If you don’t know the packaging requirements very well, you can give the packaging factory a reference product.

As a customer, if you want to get an accurate quotation for printed products, you must have at least the above 5 aspects to the printing manufacturer, and the manufacturer will provide a correct, effective and detailed packaging and printing quotation in the shortest time. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about it. As long as you patiently communicate your ideas and requirements with the printing manufacturer, some professional packaging manufacturers will plan and formulate a packaging plan for you.

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Post time: May-26-2021