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In the colorful packaging world, excellent products packaging box design can often play a positive role in promoting customers’ willingness to buy.

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In the initial stage, packaging is only used to protect the product during transportation, to facilitate storage and transportation, and to promote sales, and to complete this required activity in accordance with certain technical means. So far, excellent outer packaging boxes can account for 30% of the product value.

In the past 25 years, a company has been actively promoting the progress in the field of paper product packaging in the sub-industry; from home life to indoor and outdoor sports, from daily necessities to food and medicine, from gifts and crafts to exhibition stands, from hardware Tools to electronic products; packaging cases of our services can be seen everywhere. We strive to meet the needs of every customer and provide customers with flexible and personalized product packaging solutions. This is us, SmartFortune Packaging & printing –The best Color packaging Box manufacturer.

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We strive to meet the needs of every paper product packaging customer, the specific steps are as follows:

Analyze customer needs Including cost, customized quantity, materials used, style, delivery date


Complete the samples before mass production in the shortest time and deliver them to customers

Proceed production tasks

Including productivity distribution, raw material entry and review, cardboard model design, processing requirements

Product quality control

The first inspection of each process, random inspection and full inspection of the finished product, to ensure that every box shipped from the factory is a high-quality product

Shipping out

According to the customer’s product characteristics, design reasonable transportation packaging to ensure the maximum use of container transportation space

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Why choose us to cooperate with :

1. Responsible manufacturer : if any after-sales issue, we would work together with clients to solve ;

2.Fast delivery timing : if clients want urgent orders, we have the ability to meet the requirement;

3.Quality control is the very important part for us ;

4.Good service : would be online at any time if clients want to contact us;

5.Full of years experience for printing and packaging paper boxes for clients all over the world;

6.Could give the best solutions to save cost for clients ;

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